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Alumni的联系 offers a monthly update on the latest happenings on campus, as well as interesting stories from students and Alumni. 课堂笔记 offers a more in depth look into the lives of your fellow Alumni and is emailed bi-annually as a summer and winter edition. 校园杂志委员会年报 provide a forward and historical look at the College as a whole. 学习 more today and don’t forget to share your latest news with your EC friends!

Students stand with candles as part of Senior Candlelight
Two female students hold a wanted poster frame around their faces while smiling for the camera during the Octagon Fair
A student laughs while watching some May Days activities
Members of the Class of 2022 pose with a 2002 sign during the Alumni reunion parade


Alumni的联系 is a monthly newsletter that is sent via e-mail to the members of our Alumni Association. In it you will find news stories focusing on our community, 校园的新发展, and interesting stories reflecting student, Alumni, 今天的学术生活. To ensure you receive Alumni的联系, update your Alumni record 在这里 or contact the Office of Alumni 参与ment at (607) 735-1855 or

The Office of Alumni 参与ment is always looking for Alumni news to share in Alumni的联系. 提交 stories for consideration 在这里.



2024夏季版表格 (a new form is created for each edition)

你搬家了吗?? 换工作? 被提升? 获得奖项? 说:“我愿意。”? 迎来了一个新宝宝? 完成 课堂笔记表格 to share your exciting news with the EC community.

课堂笔记 are emailed bi-annually as a summer and a winter edition. We are accepting submissions for the 夏天 2024 Edition of 课堂笔记. The submission deadline is July 12, 2024. Images are welcome, but please be aware that space is limited. We request that your word count does not exceed 200 words. We reserve the right to edit submitted 课堂笔记.

Other Ways to 提交 课堂笔记:

Mail 课堂笔记 submissions to: 埃尔迈拉大学, Office of Alumni 参与ment, 公园广场一号, 网络赌博,纽约14901.

通过电话提交课堂笔记: (607) 735-1855




Since 埃尔迈拉大学's founding in 1855, music has helped bring students and Alumni together. Check out some of the songs from EC's past and even sing along with the Chiclettes!




View obituaries as we receive them. Did we miss passing of an alumnus/alumna? 电邮至 还有他们的讣告. Alumni will be remembered during their next Reunion.